Sendero Springs Chess Mates

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Chess is a strategy game, played by two players, who take turns to get better positioning on the chessboard in order to capture the other players’ king.


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 About us 

Srinihith Surapuraju

I have been playing chess at home and tournaments from childhood. I am really passionate about chess and won many prize in chess.  I am 8th grade student at Walsh Middle School. I got first place in the elementary and middle school for chess puzzles UIL which taught me a bunch of experience and different ways to teach different types of students. I went to multiple different training camps to learn different ways to play chess, so I know how to teach students in many different ways. I really want to teach young students the basics of chess, so they get a proper foundation when they go to play competitions. 

Hudson Qiu 

With my many years of chess experience, I like to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with everyone. I attend Walsh Middle School and am 14 years old. I have received a lot of praise and recognition for my abilities. I've taken part in Chess UIL, official competitions, and several tactical analysis-focused chess camps. I have a lot of teaching experience, having instructed young children in math and music in addition to chess. I wish to introduce new players to the game and help them develop a passion and understanding of it.