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Course Curriculum for grade K - 5

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Get to know the Chess board and pieces, Chess board and properties, Spatial and Geometric Concepts, Chess Pieces, Starting Position and coordinates, Pieces Movements, properties and the movement of the Rook, Bishop, Queen, Pawn, Knight, and King. The pieces of value, numbers, values, high, low, greater, less than, Equal to.


Identifying threats, checks, forks, discovered attacks, defending against checks, checkmates, protected pieces castling, Enpassant, safe squares, the three opening principles.

Checkmates with the Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn, Pawn Promotion, King, and mates in the starting position of the game. 


Memorizing famous chess openings, including Scandinavian Defense, Kings Gambit, Itiliam Game, Dutch Defesne, Sicilian, Caro Kann, and many more. 

Learning how to play different endgames effectively, including the Queen vs Queen, the Two Rooks game, Major Piece Showdown, knight and bishop vs rook endgames, same and opposite colored bishop endgames, etc.